Two New Shows:  Hamlet and Shrew

Hamlet and Shrew Can you imagine Hamlet in just fifty minutes?  Or
Shakespeare's uproarious comedy
Taming of the Shrew in fifty
minutes?  Get two Shakespeare's for the price of one!  See the only
Anchorage public performances of these two new touring shows
from Edgeware Productions designed to be performed during a
single class period in schools.   They deliver lively truncated
versions of the classic plays while preserving essential scenes and
speeches in the original Shakespearean language.  These
presentations feature three noted Alaskan actors  Elizabeth Ware
and Paul Schweigert.   They're joined by  Tim Tucker, renowned  
actor, musician and comedian.  Mr. Tucker has composed original
music for  
"Shrew" and brings his delightful sense of comic timing
to this slapstick masquerade.   Ideally suited for high school, middle
school and advanced elementary classes, Edgeware's menu of
madcap Shakespeare will enhance students'  love of literature, art
and theatre.
Edgeware's Other Productions

War of Wills  From the tragic destiny of Richard III to the comic
shenanigans of Kate and Petruchio, Shakespeare’s interpretation
of the battle of the sexes is brought to life.  This boisterous love
affair with Shakespeare defines the rapture, pain and jest of
courtship to bring out the romance in all of us and lend insight into
Shakespeare’s life and times.   Featuring Elizabeth Ware and
Paul Schweigert.
For Grades 6-Adult

Lunatics and Lovers is our newest Shakespeare compilation
which explores the relationships of men and women in turmoil–
lies and madness, passions and lost loves. A poignant and
sometimes controversial production for secondary school
Lunatics and Lovers can stand alone or be combined
A War of Wills for a provocative two hour performance.
For Grades 9 and Adult

Hamlet:  Bounded in a Nutshell  This firey one-man version of
Shakespeare’s great tragedy features Hamlet’s famous speeches
while telling this classic tale of murder and revenge.  Performed by
Paul Schweigert, who wowed audiences with his sensitive
portrayal of this Danish prince at Cyrano’s last year, this
performance brings the essence of the play to life.
For Grades 9 and Adult

The Woman’s Part    In Shakespeare’s day, women had few
opportunities and little of the freedom we take for granted.  Yet, a
woman sat on the throne of England, and most of Shakespeare’s
female characters are exceptionally intelligent and insightful.  
Using excerpts from the writings of Shakespeare and comments
from his contemporaries, Elizabeth Ware’s performance gives a
fresh perspective to half of the human race once classified as
“Goods and chattel.”
For Grades 9 - Adult  

A “Mini” Midsummer Night’s Dream     This condensed adaptation
of Shakespeare’s most famous fantasy invites the audience into a
whimsical world filled with bumbling clowns, hilarious lovers and
feuding monarchs.  A spritely Puck delightfully encourages
audience participation, involving all in the magic of poetry.  Children
will discover that Shakespeare’s literature is worth exploring.
For Grades K-6

What people have said about
Edgeware’s Shakespeare Series:

“Ware and Schweigert are excellent as the quintessential
Shakespearean quick-change artists…the show has been
designed to play wherever, whenever.  The whole kit and caboodle
fits into a car and can be thrown up in a classroom before the kids
know what hit ‘em.”
Mark Muro, Arts Reviewer
                 Anchorage Daily News

“Highly entertaining and thought-provoking…performed by actors
who know what they’re saying”                
 Sharon J. Harrison
                 Teacher, East High School

“Your show was a fabulous treat for all of us, thanks for coming”
Jeanne Fischer
                 Principal, Mirror Lake Middle School

“Thank you!  The students came away with a much better
appreciation of Shakespeare and his words.”
 Ellie Sullivan
                 Teacher, Service High School

“Thanks for showing me that Shakespeare is fun.”
A 9th Grade Student
                 Service High School

Booking Information

Each performance can be 45 to 60 minutes in length.  Classrooms
to auditoriums can be used as performance spaces:  minimum
stage area is 12’ X 15’

Performance fees cited are for single performances.  Travel fees
are charged for locations beyond a 40 mile radius of Anchorage.  
Block booking discounts are available.  There is a $25 discount for
all bookings arranged before September 15.

Entertaining and Educational

EXCITING PERFORMANCES    Shakespeare speaks most eloquently
from the stage, where his language comes alive and the action
displays the meanings often elusive on the page.

STUDY GUIDES    A comprehensive booklet of background
information, suggestions for further study and classroom activities
is provided with each presentation.  After the performance, the
actors conduct informal question and answer sessions with the

WORKSHOPS and RESIDENCIES   We can tailor a workshop or
residency to your needs.  Emphasis is on active participation from
all involved.

SPEAKING OF SHAKESPEARE    This Lecture Series can be
designed to suit the needs of individual classes or groups.  
Presented by UAA Professor David Edgecombe, subjects include
Shakespeare’s Life and Times, The Globe Theatre and Company,
Studies of the Plays and Players.  These presentations are full of
poignant and funny anecdotes as well as comprehensive visuals
from Elizabethan England.

Also . . .
An Exciting  Touring Production
about a Pioneer Woman

LIBBY is the story of a Washington D. C. socialite who travels to
Alaska's Pribilof Islands in the Bering Sea in 1879.  Her adventure
brings her to the brink of death and to a greater understanding of
her post-Civil War world.  This play, based on Betty John's popular
1987 book Libby, the Alaskan Diaries and Letters of Libby Beaman,
was adapted for the stage as a one-woman performance piece by
David Edgecombe.  It is the passionate tale of a brave woman who
conquers her own fears and prejudices while exploring the other-
worldly beauty of the "Seal Islands." Featuring Elizabeth Ware in
the title role.
Paul Schweigert and Elizabeth Ware
in War of Wills
Elizabeth Ware as Libby
And . . .
Ancient Arts comes to Life

mask making and performance this year in Northway, Alaska and
at Steller High School in Anchorage.  Students built their own
masks and performed in Greek and Commedia dell'arte
performance pieces.  Masks free the normally shy students and
encourage creative participation.  Your students can experience
this exciting method of acting and improvisation.
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