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An Exciting  Touring Production
about a Pioneer Woman

LIBBY is the story of a Washington D. C. socialite who travels to
Alaska's Pribilof Islands in the Bering Sea in 1879.  Her adventure
brings her to the brink of death and to a greater understanding of
her post-Civil War world.  This play, based on Betty John's popular
1987 book Libby, the Alaskan Diaries and Letters of Libby Beaman,
was adapted for the stage as a one-woman performance piece by
David Edgecombe.  It is the passionate tale of a brave woman who
conquers her own fears and prejudices while exploring the
other-worldly beauty of the "Seal Islands." Featuring Elizabeth
Ware in the title role.
Paul Schweigert and Elizabeth Ware
in War of Wills
Elizabeth Ware as Libby
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