An Educational Touring Theatre Company
About Edgeware Productions
Edgeware Productions was founded in 1990
and has produced plays and educational
performances in its home state of Alaska,
throughout the contiguous United States and
in several European countries.  Productions
by the artists associated with Edgeware
Productions have received critical and
popular acclaim and many have won
regional awards for excellence.  The
educational productions have toured to
schools throughout Alaska, and Edgeware's
educational workshops have brought
Shakespeare and live theatre into remote
classrooms.  Managed by David Edgecombe
and Elizabeth Ware, this company has
proven to be a respected addition to the
Alaska performing arts community.
Elizabeth Ware and Paul Schweigert
perform in Edgeware's
A War of Wills
Edgeware Productions
Travel to Greece this Summer (2018) and
Study Theatre with David Edgecombe and
Elizabeth Ware.  Visit  Athens and tour cultural
and archaeological sites while participating in
a three week workshop.  
Writers: Workshop
your writing with professionals.
Actors: Perform
in Greek classics and original works. Very
Affordable! An exciting way to spend time
learning and traveling in inspirational Greece.  
Enrollment is limited. Write us today!   To find
out more about our program and see photos of
past educational tours to Greece click on the
"Greece" button at the top of this page, or
Visit Marvelous Greece!
Greece in the Summer
of 201
Greek Theatre
June 23 through July 14, 2018
Make a deposit before
January 15 and save $100
A New Show
IDavid and Elizabeth were on sabbatical
leave in the Southwest developing a play on
the life and times of architect Mary Colter.
Woman by Design
,  premiered at La Posada
in Winslow, Arizona with another
performance at the Grand Canyon.
Woman by Design
is available for booking.
Contact us for information.
Participants of the Greek
Theatre Workshop enjoy a
production of
The Trojan
in the Ancient Theatre
at Epidaurus. Part of an
exciting summer workshop of
acting, writing and exploring
Greek Theatre Workshop
Summer 2015
This past summer David and Elizabeth participated in the Theatre of Changes Summer
Theatre Workshop in Athens,Greece. The project involved the staging of Shakespeare's
Midsummer Night's Dream
with a cast of 24 Greek actors. David and Elizabeth worked with a
group of international directors and teachers to mount the play in 5 days. The shortened
adaptation was written by Elizabeth Ware and the work proved a great success. For more
information about the Theatre of Changes and working in Greek Theatre contact Edgeware
Edgeware at the Theatre of Changes Athens, Greece