Calendar  2017-18
Summer 2018 David and Elizabeth teach and direct the
Greek Theatre Workshop in Athens. This three week
program features a history and tours of Ancient
theatres, study of the plays, and a production of original
scenes inspired by them. A great experience for writers,
actors , students and teachers. Click on the "Greece"
button at the top of this page for more information.

Spring 2017 A Woman by Design available for tour in
the Southwest. This show tells the story of life and times
of the foremost female architect of the early twentieth

Winter 2017 Elizabeth will conduct a  Shakespeare
Residency in Kenai, Alaska at the Kaleidoscope School
of Arts and Sciences. February 27 through March 10,
2017.  March 4 and 5, David and Elizabeth will appear in
A.R. Gurney's
Love Letters at the Bunnell Street Arts
Center in Homer.

Fall 2016 Elizabeth acts in a movie which confronts the
hysteria surround the racially motivated shootings in
recent years. Filmed and produced in Portland, Oregon.

Summer 2016 David and Elizabeth work with The
Theatre of Changes in Athens, Greece to conduct
workshops and stage Shakespeare's
A Midsummer Night's
with an International company of Actors and
Calendar of Events and Shows
Students enjoying an
Edgeware Production.
A Midsummer Night's Dream