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          The Greek Theatre Workshop
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Deposit $________________________ (Deposit is not required for Registration. Places in the
program are secured based on the date of deposits.  Deposit deadlines are printed in the schedule
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Registration Instructions follow  

Registration Instruction Sheet
           The Greek Theatre Workshop
           June 17 through July 7, 2018

Fee Schedule
Program Costs and Housing (Three weeks)
Workshop  and Accommodations  (US Dollars)                               $2000

Deposit (Due by May 1, 2018)                                                          $400

All the above amounts may fluctuate up or down according to the value of the Euro at the time of
exchange. (We will not charge you more than the published price.)

All moneys paid in US Dollars will be held in a dedicated account in the US until we are sure the
Workshop has the enrollment necessary. Full refunds will be sent if the Workshop is cancelled.
Deposits are not refundable if the Workshop takes place.

Enrollment slots will be awarded according to the dates the deposits are received.
Fees are due on the following schedule
Deposits are due May 1st, 2018 and Complete Payments are due by May 20th, 2018.

Housing: The above price is for the cost for a shared apartment. Single accommodations are
available at an additional cost. Please contact us for information about these arrangements.

Refunds: Tuition and housing are refunded if the participant cancels before May 15, 2017.

Registration and enrollment fees must be paid by check or money order in US funds. Make checks
payable to “Edgeware Productions.”  Please send these to the following address with a copy of the
Registration Form:
                  Edgeware Productions
                  4717 E. Desert Forest Trail
                  Cave Creek, AZ 85331

Please visit our website for more information about us, the Workshop and the sponsor,
The Athens Centre: or

Thank you,

David Edgecombe and Elizabeth Ware
(480) 296-5366 or

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